by: Jane's Guide


Mini Review - Folks, this is the big time. One of the bigger and well known sites out there and they've earned their reputation. I really don't think you're going to find anyone else out there with more to offer for the money. I've been working my way through this site for hours and I have weeks filled with hours and hours of work ahead of me, just to scratch the surface. Free pic surfers will have a ball just looking at the couple of dozen sample pictures that enlarge nicely. Members - my oh my, such a bounty. There are several clear options to obtain membership, and contact with the site management is easy. Membership is available for two different sites under the same umbrella management. One is the Natural and Hairy and one is the Galleria. Click into the Natural and Hairy site and you can pick from immense galleries ranging from Scary Hairy [pits and pubes have never been pruned] to Young 'n' Hairy [18-23yo], Closeups, Hairy with toys, Hairy pictures from the 70s, Hairy Lesbians [are we seeing a pattern here?. And all this - thousands and thousands of pictures - is just in the ATK Natural and Hairy site. If hairy isnít your thing, then you should subscribe instead to their ATK Galleria, where you have again options for oodles of more high quality smut. A couple of dozen pages of 20 downloadable video clips each. Over a dozen pages each of hardcore; each page offers a dozen types [oral, toys, orgies, etc] and each type links to a dozen different gallery offerings within the type. Each of those galleries has multiple pages of a couple dozen photos each. There are as many softcore offerings as there are hardcore, and there are also a couple dozen wanking stories. Each page, in the Galleria and the Hairy, is downloadable in zip format. Several hundred thousand pictures with frequent and large updates. Am I starting to make my point? If you like both types, subscribe to both sites. You'll pay more here. You'll get more here. What you'll get will be fine quality, not an iota less than is promised. If you buy either membership you will have more to look at here than you will have time to look at.



Mini Review - Exotics is coming from the same fine folks who have brought us such websites as ATK Galleria & ATK Natural & Hairy. Every photo or vid clip they offer is a quality product. The focus here is increasing the diversity of their models. They offer softcore photos of black women, latinas, island girls, Asian, Mediterranean women, and more. In their hardcore section they offer these women in galleries of pregnant, foot fetish, interracial,watersports, and still more. Their girls all have natural breasts, and are 18-23 years old. When they describe their home hardware it sounds like the specs for a stealth fighter. Out front visitors will see just about as many softcore photo samples as they could ask for - two dozen on the first page, then click on the 'free site' and get a bunch more, and if you see a button there that says '72 more free pix here' you can believe it! Visiting surfers have no complaints here, and it's even better for members. Inside, members see a claimed 200,000 pics with updates averaging 1,000 pics four times a week. There are still images and video both. I didn't count what I saw, but it was a larger bounty of softcore & hardcore, both stills and movies, in all sorts of themes than you'll find most anywhere. They have models sorted alphabetically, with bios and links to everywhere you can find any of the models. Steep discount for purchasing multiple month packages. This is just one large well done site, large enough to satisfy anyone. Go for it. - Peter